Climent highlights the importance of relocation of Valencian industries to achieve real sustainable development

The Minister of Sustainable Economy participates in the conference ‘Sustainable Development’, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

Valencia – The Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafa Climent, has highlighted in the VI Sustainable Development Forum, organized by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, that it is “essential to achieve an effective development of equal opportunities for all people “and has influenced the importance of relocating Valencian industries that produce in other countries” to achieve real sustainable development. “

For Climent, the best way to achieve global governance and the major global sustainable development goals, “is through the solution of the local, betting on its own, local, value-added industry with a high technological level” .

In her speech, she reaffirmed the Generalitat’s commitment to the objectives established in the 2030 Agenda to eradicate poverty, promote prosperity, protect the environment and tackle climate change at the global level.

At the energy level, she has highlighted the work that is being carried out for an energy transition that allows us to achieve a more sustainable, fair, inclusive and participatory model. In this sense, she stressed that citizens “have to take charge of this energy transition.”

In her opinion, local energy communities “constitute an essential piece to achieve decentralization and democratization of energy systems and promote sustainable economic and social development at the local level, accompanied by the creation of jobs.”

It should be noted that the Plan for the Promotion of Local Energy Communities aims for 2030, that all populations can have at least one Local Energy Community. For this purpose, the Ivace has increased by 60% the budget directed to these communities, with a total investment of 5 million by 2022.

The Minister of Economy has also referred to local commerce as another axis for sustainable development, stressing that “it is not a choice or a fad, it is a commitment that we as a society have as part of the solution in the fight against change. climate”.

Likewise, he has vindicated cooperativism, as a business model that has traditionally worked very well at the local level, demonstrating a great capacity to establish quality employment in the territory.

For this reason, the Ministry of Sustainable Economy is promoting cooperativism, present in almost all sectors and the social economy, in addition to business efficiency, represent values ​​such as solidarity, joint responsibility and sustainability.

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