Culture allocates more than 1 million euros to remodel and build venues for musical socialetats

The subsidized works will be due to expire in 2022.

They will be able to access-hi musical socialatats that diffuse, teach music and sustain musical groups.

Valencia – The Conselleria d’Educació, Cultura i Esport has summoned grants destined to finance works of remodeling and construction of social premises of the musical societies of the Valencian Community in 2022.

For this purpose, 1,100,000 euros will be allocated, which will be distributed in the following way: 750,000 euros for the works of remodeling and rehabilitation, reform, improvement, adaptation and modernization of social premises in existing areas and les seues, istal 350,000 euros per to the construction, expansion and empowerment of nous espais de locals socials.

Only legal authorizations that include projects of investment, the pressupost for the execution of the quals material does not exceed 85,000.00 euros, and the investments of the quals are executed as of January 1, 2022.

The aid is intended for private entities that have a profit that, being legally constituted, have, among the social finalities, the diffusion, promotion or dissemination and the creation of music, and realization of activist activi forms permanent symbols: sustainability d ‘ a non-professional instrumental group, follow band or orchestra; support of a music school or school of education directly or through supra-municipal groups, or, if it is not the case, to work actively in the integration of young people in their instrumental ensembles tending to the second musical training .

The term of presentation of the licituds will be one month to be compiled from the request of the publication of the resolution of the summons in the ‘Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana’.

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