Mollà affirms that Pedreguer is a ‘good’ example that ‘door-to-door waste collection is viable in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants’

The municipality of La Marina Alta has increased the removal of waste at source from 20% to 66% since its implementation in August.

Pedreguer is the first Valencian city council to implement the selective collection of cellulose products, such as diapers and other personal hygiene products.

Valencia – The Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Mireia Mollà, has ensured that Pedreguer is a good example that “door-to-door selective waste collection is viable in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants”.

Pedreguer, with a population of about 7,700 inhabitants and a significant seasonal population in summer, started a door-to-door withdrawal system last August that has allowed it to increase selective collection at source from 20% to 66%.

Mollà, accompanied by the regional secretary for Ecological Transition, Paula Tuzón, and the general director of Quality and Environmental Education, Joan Piquer, visited the Pedreguer Town Hall, where the mayor, Sergi Ferrús, and other members of the Corporation and the company concessionaire, have explained the details of the implementation of the door-to-door system.

The door-to-door collection implemented in Pedreguer includes, for the first time in a Valencian municipality, the selective withdrawal of cellulose products such as diapers and other personal hygiene products that prevents these materials from ending up in landfills.

For the Councilor for Ecological Transition, Pedreguer joins together with Banyeres de Mariola, Gata de Gorgos, Orba, the Mancomunitat de Municipis de La Ribera and other municipalities that are already implementing measures, to the door-to-door selective collection. Mireia Mollà has also recognized the efforts of environmental educators in the municipalities. An effort to which the councils of Valencia and Castellón have joined together with the council, who have contributed more than 50 educators to the municipalities of their provinces.

In this context, the head of the Ecological Transition department recalled that last week the Consell approved a line of economic aid to the El Campello A1 Waste Consortium of 6.5 million euros that recognizes the effort that the municipalities of La Marina Alta, La Marina Baixa and the municipality of El Campello are carrying out the management and improvement of their facilities.

“We need courageous, profitable and extrapolable models such as the one implemented in Pedreguer”, Mollà continued, “because the treatment plant must be the last resource for material recovery”. The councilor has “demonstrated the commitment” of the Ministry and the Valencian Government to the circular economy and the selective door-to-door separation of waste.

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