Alzheimer’s Transmission: A Closer Look at Surprising New Findings

That Alzheimer’s isn’t transmissible like viral or bacterial infections.   Washington – In groundbreaking research, scientists are uncovering surprising insights into Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting that, in rare instances, the condition or its causes might be transmissible. However, it’s crucial to note that Alzheimer’s isn’t spread through everyday interaction or routine caregiving. The Guardian reports on a study focusing on individuals…

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Francisco’s Journey to Self-Awareness

“Francisco’s Journey to Self-Awareness” is a moving story about the power of introspection and the importance of knowing oneself. Francisco teaches us that on the journey to self-knowledge, every step, every reflection, and every discovery, is a step towards a fuller and more authentic life. Por Ehab Soltan Hoylunes – In the heart of Valencia, Francisco, a man in his…

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