Love Across the Distance

“Love Across the Distance” is a story of eternal love, a testament that sometimes hearts can speak across thousands of kilometers, uniting two souls in a love that defies distance and time.


By Ehab Soltan… The second part of the novel {Limonero II}

Hoylunes – In a remote corner of Spain, lived Diego, a man with a fiery heart and words that flowed like poetry. His love, Clara, lived on the other side of the world, in a city lit by different lights but united under the same starry sky.

Every night, Diego sat under the dim light of his lamp, writing letters to Clara. In them, he poured out his deepest feelings, words that transcended oceans and continents. “I love you,” each letter began, “means you are life, the world, the people, existence itself.”

For Diego, loving Clara was like breathing: essential and involuntary. Every beat of his heart was an echo of the love he felt for her. “There are no distances between us, no limits,” he wrote with a pen that seemed to dance to the rhythm of his emotions.

In his mind, Clara was the most beautiful of his realities, his soulmate, the light that illuminated his life. “If you were absent, I would lose life and joy,” he confessed in his letters, where each word was a hug, each phrase a stolen kiss in the wind.

When longing became unbearable, Diego placed his hands on his heart, imagining Clara by his side. He closed his eyes and listened to her voice inside him, remembering every moment shared, every laugh, every glance.

“When I look at you, your eyes contain all the joy of the world,” Diego remembered, “I feel that life smiles at me through you.” The image of Clara was always present, illuminating his existence with a love that, although distant, was as real as the stars in the sky.

Despite the distance, Diego knew what he shared with Clara was a once-in-a-lifetime love. His letters were bridges stretched over the abyss of distance, uniting two hearts destined to be together.

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