011H writes the history of sustainable construction in Spain


011H adopts the new concept of real estate construction in Spain in line with the European challenge of achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions.

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Spain seeks to build a sustainable future that guarantees stability and security for generations, adopting a sustainable strategy in the preservation of the environment and a methodology based on the achievement of a green economy, as one of the most outstanding characteristics of development methods sustainable. In line with the European challenge of achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.
The new concept of real estate in Spain is based on capturing the characteristics of a sustainable life that takes into account social, environmental and economic aspects, through a home that is highly efficient in terms of energy consumption, since it produces all your energy needs , and meets the highest standards of green economy and environmental sustainability needs. At the same time it provides family stability.
011H is the first company in Spain specialized in building technology, with the aim of transforming the construction sector by developing its own software that allows it to manufacture the different components of the building in its factory with the minimum error, and to carry out the construction of a building in half the time compared to the traditional construction process.
011H is the latest initiative promoted in 2020 by José Manuel Villanueva and Lucas Carne, famous entrepreneurs who previously founded Privalia, the company that revolutionized fashion retail in Spain.
(011H) is committed to innovative and creative designs to create a new building with specific characteristics that stand out among buildings in Spain, where it emphasizes that: Design is a very important part of the entire construction process, since the decisions made in this The first phase have a significant impact on many aspects of the later construction phases and the final construction result.
In this sense, the decisions that provide high quality with a final creative design must be combined from the beginning, with other aspects related to sustainability, health, structure, manufacturing, off-site and on-site construction. the site, its maintenance, operation, costs, etc “.

And because the search for solutions to all the problems in the interior space of existing homes is currently a priority for the engineering design of the building, (001H) is committed to the continuous development of homes to adapt to the needs and requirements changing. for its users over time, something that has become more evident after the context of COVID. Adapt the spaces to the different possible uses, ensuring a minimum of hours of daily sunlight, enhancing the spaces with views and connection with the outside, ensuring privacy or ensuring an inclusive design that allows all people to use the building regardless of their location. Lifestyle. The physical or cognitive condition are some of the examples that are taken into consideration when designing the interior spaces of the 011h homes.
011H takes into account the economic advantage it provides to citizens who want to own a sustainable home without (of course) jeopardizing their needs in a vacuum in human and material terms, and obtaining a sustainable and healthy home is a priority of 011h. The use of industrial components built using an integrated supply chain and controlled by its partners through its platform, and the scalability will ensure that these homes are available to citizens who want to access them economically, either through affordable rental rates or purchase prices equivalent to conventional construction.
Initially 011h focused on designing and building multi-family homes in height, ideally for B2R and coloring, but also for B2S, but from now on it is capable of constructing other types of buildings such as offices, hotels, or even in the energy market. to rehabilitate buildings.
Regarding housing, these homes are aimed at all types of public, although they focus mainly on easily accessible rental homes, and with one and two-bedroom homes mainly, it is estimated that the most interested are young people, families they have a father, are at risk of social exclusion, the elderly and others.
And because the social dimension is one of the three pillars of sustainability, the 011h projects are concerned with satisfying the needs to satisfy self-confidence and self-realization by creating spaces for all people with a diversity of uses, and communication spaces that allow communication between people and facilitate the exchange of activities between users, thus strengthening social relationships, in addition to linking nature and using the building as a tool to educate the community about sustainability, aspects that are always taken into account in projects that we develop.
Independent governments are expected to step up their commitments to stimulate the adoption of zero-emission buildings through new building codes and new building energy regulations to align with the widespread certification procedure, as 011h is currently adhering to regulations in Spain and the European Economic Community (EEC). ) already manufacturing zero-emission buildings for energy, and in the coming years increasingly demanding regulations will appear not only in relation to energy, but also in reference above all to the circular economy and decarbonisation, with challenges already identified, partial by 2030 and mandatory net zero by 2050.
011h is currently meeting these levels of demand for futures long before regulations require it.
On the other hand, working with certified wood as the main structural construction material, 011h will encourage the economic recovery of areas with forests and will provide job opportunities for residents of these areas, making them attractive to residents compared to cities.

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