‘La Tomatina’ Museum rediscovers itself with digitization

‘La Tomatina’ Museum incorporates virtual reality to experience the party in 3D in an inclusive and timeless way.

The Museum offers an immersive experience at the party, with proposals such as augmented reality films, the multisensory room -with 270-degree videos- and the incorporation of ‘La Tomatina VR Experience’, a virtual reality game in which the user plunge into the tomato battle.

In the official ‘reopening’ of the space, it was the responsibility of the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer; Francisco Molina, Territorial Director of the Presidency of the Generalitat; the Mayor of Buñol, Juncal Carrascosa, and the Councilor for Tourism and Tomatina, María Vallés.

Buñol (Valencia) – Tradition and the most advanced technology go hand in hand in Buñol in a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the sensations of one of the most international festivals in the Valencian Community. The Museum of ‘La Tomatina‘ reinvents itself with a digital proposal, based on developments in augmented reality and virtual reality, which allows the visitor to get closer to the emotions of one of the most popular festivals in Spain, which is close to eight decades of history.

With this leap in digitization at the La Tomatina Museum -which opened its doors in 2015-, “we are taking a further step to bring our most emblematic festival to all people, regardless of their age or physical conditions, with a timeless, inclusive character and in an affordable way. It is another way to enjoy ‘La Tomatina’, equally active and fun, which does not replace, but rather complements and enriches, the heritage that Buñol offers its visitors “, underlines María Vallés.

A virtual experience that the regional secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer; Francisco Molina, Territorial Director of the Presidency of the Generalitat; the Mayor of Buñol, Juncal Carrascosa, and the Councilor for Tourism and Tomatina, María Vallés.

The museum renovation project has been carried out with the support of the Autonomous Secretariat of Tourism. “We have a unique alliance with Buñol, who undoubtedly

will continue to reinforce. La Tomatina has connected with the collective imagination and is one of the most emblematic events in the Region, one of those that has contributed the most to its international projection and tourism brand ”, Francesc Colomer underlined.

Proposals for all people

Among the experiences offered by the renovated Museum is the incorporation of ‘La Tomatina’ VR Experience, an interactive virtual reality game that, with the support of an Oculus Quest viewer, allows you to participate in a three-dimensional battle of tomatoes, which the player must launch and dodge, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the event, thanks to its most characteristic elements, such as the water from the balconies, the passing of the trucks, the music, the songs and the bustle, leaving room for several surprises for the participant.

This proposal was tested, for the first time, on August 25, after the suspension, for the second year, of the celebration of ‘La Tomatina’, a Festival of International Tourist Interest, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. “We hope to be able to celebrate ‘La Tomatina’ again on the last Wednesday in August 2022. Without a doubt, it would be great news for everyone, because it would mean that the situation caused by the pandemic would have been overcome,” says the mayor, Juncal Carrascosa.

The museum has several displays, which will be disinfected after each use, to ensure maximum security. In addition to the museum, the game’s App can be downloaded, free of charge, on the ‘La Tomatina’ website: www.latomatina.info.

In addition, visitors can enjoy six pictures in augmented reality, which can be ‘read’ with the help of tablets, a multisensory room, in which videos of the party are projected in 270 degrees and with surround sound, and several photocalls that recreate the atmosphere of the event, as well as various materials that reflect the history and reality of ‘La Tomatina’ -such as photographs or videos-.

A metal tile path

‘La Tomatina’ Museum can be visited on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and there is the possibility of arranging visits on Wednesdays and Thursdays, through the Municipality’s Tourist Office.

Coinciding with the ‘reopening’ of this museum, Buñol has installed a ‘walk of fame’, with metal tiles commemorating the festival on the route through which the tomato battle takes place, until the Museum ends. This project has been financed by the Valencia Provincial Council.

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